About Us

SX Seals specializes in manufacturing Oil & Gas Energy Seals and Hydraulic Seals (Specially,fabric reinforced seals).

We supply high quality seals, best ever prices you can get all over the world and 24hours after-sales service.

Oil & Gas Energy Seals: Flowline,Flowback Seals Weco seals/Hammer union seals, Plug Valve Seals/kit, Swivel Joint Packing seals/kit,
Wellhead Seals,U Packing,Valve stem packing,S Seals, FS Seals,P Seals,D rings,PEEK face seals
BOP Seals
Fluid End expendables, Valve Inserts and Seats,Frac-Pump Packing ( Well service packing ),
PEEK coiled tubing reel swivel repair kit,
Rubber Sleeve,Rubber Piston, Pipe wiper,Bonded seal,Vee ring,
PTFE lip seal,Metal and cap seal…

Hydraulic Seals: Vee packing/Chevron Packing,R 35,R 37,R 58 fabric reinforced rotary shaft oil seals,Wiper,Hydraulic seals,Rod Seals,Piston Seals,

Heavy duty oil seals,Split seals,O rings, etc

Custom seals

We can help clients design seals or produce according to clients’ drawing or sample.

Our goal is, and has always been, to satisfy our clients with superior products, timely delivery and the flexibility to meet individual needs.

SX Seals

To Be Your Reliable Seals Partner.

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